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Rip boss. You will be forever missed❤️❤️ ...

A family tattoo for @naye_thegreatest Thank you again for your trust! #sunandmoontattoo #dreamcatcher #colortattoo #dawsons #mindseyetattoostudiotacoma #thightattoo #tacomatattoo ...

Yahh!! Looks so good. You the best🖤🖤🖤

Baylee D.

Thank you so very much! I love it!! Looking forward to more work with you.


Its so dope and exactly what I had in mind. You are extremely talented, Thank you! 😀

Jay B.

I love it! Always trust you with my skin ❤️

Emma A.

Custom Tattoo Designs by LydiaJude

Bringing your vision to life!

Interesting and origianl art.

I grew up watching my mom draw. I would ask if I could help, as children do. She told me no. This was her creation. I could make something of my own if I wanted though. She gave me one of her unused sketchbooks and a pencil. I have been drawing ever since.

I ended up devoting most of my time to it, finding that creating calms me. It gives me clarity, and a way to organize my thoughts. A sense of purpose. Eventually enrolling at the Tacoma School of the Arts, I had a fantastic visual arts instructor. Among the countless lessons she taught me, something that really stuck was overcoming my inability to bring projects to completion. A necessary part of my full time current occupation as a tattoo artist for Mind’s Eye Tattoo Studio in Tacoma, WA.

One of the most fulfilling things I have ever done has been learning about the ancient art of tattoo. An industry that in modern day is ever evolving and improving itself. An exciting prospect for someone excited about new possibilities and opportunities. It has however taken me away from my passion for illustrative ink drawings, and fine arts.

I would like this platform to allow me the chance to showcase my work alongside tattooing and allow for broader access to my designs.

Lydia Fordice

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